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Meditation Experience

Limited Spots Available

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Take a break from the day to day grind, connect with like minded Energizers, Feel Alive, Focused, and Energized as you Uncover your Inner Peace and Discover True Joy!

Meditation Experience June 28-30th 2024!

Get Ready for Fun!

Multiple Meditation Styles

Mindset Sessions

Drum Circles & Bowl Singing

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We Got You - No Worries!

From Pick-ups to Drop-offs

After you Fly or Drive in, you are taken care of! We will pick you up and drop you off at the airport, take care of your hotel room, transportation, food and snacks! When you join our Jonesin' for Meditation Experience we take care of you like you are family, because you are! All you have to do is get here and we'll cover all you need for an incredible retreat!

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Woods and Meditations

Over this 3 day retreat you will experience multiple styles of meditation. It's not all sitting cross legged with our eyes closed! We will do various styles including walking, listening, silent, reflective, sound meditations, and more! 

The most physical thing we'll do is do a walking meditation on a trail in the woods!

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Meditation Experience June 28-30th 2024!

New to Meditation - No Worries!

This experience is perfect for someone new to meditation or a person who wants to expand their practice. Quieting the mind can be difficult at times. When you join us, you're surrounded by loving and caring people who won't judge you and will only encourage and support you on your journey. Plus you'll experience various meditations styles. Some that will resonate more than others and allow you to grow and deepen your practice.

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This Meditation Experiences happens in beautiful Neenah Wisconsin. Spencer & Katie invite you into their home to connect, learn, and grow as a family. We will head to the gorgeous High Cliff State Park overlooking the incredible Lake Winnebago for some of the retreat. You will be staying a local hotel at night but the rest of the time you will be spending it with Katie, Spencer, and other Energizers as we discover inner peace, connect with our energy, and find our true joy!


Our Meditation Experience allows you the ability to take a break from life and reconnect with your Energy Being without the stress and concerns that is usually part of events like this. That means that the cost covers:

  • 2 Nights at the Hotel

  • Transportation after you arrive

  • All Meditation Sessions

  • Drum Circles

  • Bowl Singing

  • Mindset Sessions

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks

  • Connecting with Amazing People

  • Having a Weekend Free of Day to Day Stress

  • As we mentioned above, we got you! To join us for this absolutely incredible retreat, it's only $1997! That's right, you get an awesome 3 day getaway for just $1997!

    To join us, fill out the form at Reserve Your Spot Today and Spencer will email you with the full details and payment options! 

    Uncover your Inner Peace, Connect with your Energy Being, and Discover True Joy in this fun, immersive, and energizing Meditation Experience!

    Reserve Your Spot Today!