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The Prince of Positivity


On a Mission to Spread Positivity Around the World! Learn more and connect with him below.

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Feeling exhausted, lost, and frustrated have become the norm in today’s culture. People are told to drink more caffeine, work harder, and never stop the grind. By doing that they will be happy. It is a LIE! This is an Energy Sovereignty Crisis! We believe that people have the inalienable right to be Masters of their Energy and Life. We envision a future where people feel energized, alive, purpose driven, and have true joy in their hearts. This can only happen when people are made aware of the lies and take action to become Masters of their Energy Sovereignty!


Spencer Jones loves to help people live their lives to the max through a holistic approach. Known as the Prince of positivity he shares his positive energy and spreads joy around the world. He does this by sharing tips, tricks, and strategies to help others live life to the max through his Daily Energize podcast along with the Jonesin' for Academy and various events.

Also, as a fun side note, Spencer is a classically trained pianist and choir director who has published three books and has been published in multiple magazines and websites. 

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