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Fitness Challenge

Join Spencer and other Energizers as we hold each other accountable and take care of our health in this challenge!

April 10th - 30th 2023

It's Time to Take Control of Our Health

What is this Challenge?

This is a 3 week Fitness Challenge. The goal is to work out 6x a week and eat healthy 90% of the time. You can choose your own workouts and food. Whether that's going for a walk or doing 2 hours of intense lifting, the choice is yours. Whatever works best for you and your body.

We will have a Facebook group where we will check in every day and Spencer will sprinkle in Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset tips!

PLUS We'll throw in some Special Swag just for you! 

Join the Challenge!

Why are we doing this challenge?

To be real, Spencer has gained weight and is unhappy with the way he looks and feels. He wants to change. While he already does work out, they have been lackluster. Plus his eating hasn’t been on point. Spencer knows he thrives in these kinds of challenges so why not invite some awesome people to join him!

April 10th - 30th 2023

Let's Keep it Simple

We work out, eat well, and we help our bodies be at their best so we can Live Our Life to the Max! If you need to modify it for you, awesome! If you want to intensify it, awesome!


When we have some skin in the game, we tend to show up and put in the work. So for only $25 you can join, get some swag, be held accountable, and get RESULTS! Are you ready?