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Join our community in our Breakthrough Experience and have breakthrough growth!

September 12-14 2024 in Chicago!

Get Ready for Breakthrough Growth!


Intercontinental Hotel

Fun Times

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It's time for YOUR Breakthrough!

We know that every time we have a Breakthrough we are never the same. We are changed on an energetic, cellular, and spiritual level. One can never go back to the way they were before it. We are fundamentally changed! 

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We also know that we grow exponentially when we have those breakthroughs, experiences, a-ha moments, and realizations. 

So why not set yourself up for massive growth by walking through the doorways of breakthrough after breakthrough all while being surrounded by the Energizer family who is there to support you!

Reserve Your Spot Today!

September 12-14 2024 in Chicago!

Join our community in our Breakthrough Experience and have breakthrough growth!

The Breakthrough Experience is a place filled with 0 judgement, just love, support, and of course positivity! We promise to put you on the cusp of multiple breakthroughs over the three days. While we cannot force you to go through them, we, and the energizer community there will support, encourage, and inspire you! 

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Here’s the details:

-Sept. 12-14th 2024 in Chicago! 

- Two tickets to the Experience ($10,000 value)

- 1 Room/2 Nights at the Iconic Intercontinental Hotel on Chicago's Magnificent Mile ($700 value)

- Unique Experiences From Multiple Mindset & Personal Growth Experts ($5,000 value)

- Incredible Entertainment ($10,000 value)

- Surprise Experience ($5,000 value)

- Two $100 Gift Cards for food ($200 value)

- Networking with Amazing Leaders

- Exclusive Deals & Opportunities

- Event Exclusive Swag ($100 value)

Over $31,000 in value for only

ONLY $2,997 for a limited time!!!

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If you're ready for Breakthrough Growth while being surrounded by positive, supportive, and energizing leaders, then don't miss out on this incredible and unique experience!

We'll see YOU at the Breakthrough Experience 2024!

Reserve Your Spot Today!